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Hypertension( High Blood Pressure ) Symptoms|| Causes || BP Chart for All Ages.

In this particular Article we talk about Hypertension( high blood pressure )Symptoms, Causes and share with you a Blood pressure Chart.

What is Hypertension ?

Hypertension High blood pressure Symptoms Causes and Bp chart

Hypertension is High Blood pressure, When blood pressure is too high then you should go for a doctor , it is common but in mostly cases it can be serious if not treated early.

Hypertension ( High blood pressure ) treatment.

We can lower our high blood pressure naturally by make changes un our routine and life style:

√ Loosing Weight Can help to balanced Blood pressure.

√ Healthy diet and using less salt in our meals

√ By staying physically active

√ Quite smoking and tobacco

How to deal with high blood pressure naturally at home?

There are many tips that can lower your blood pressure in home quickly and with any medicines.

√ Take a warm shower
Take a bath with warm water for atleast 15 minutes and want.

√ Start any physical activity and stay active
Do cycling and walking for staying active and physical activity get help to lower you Blood pressure.

√ Eat Dark chocolate
Eating dark chocolate is the beat way to reduce you blood pressure, dark chocolates contains nitric oxide andit can help and get your vessels relaxed.

√ Stay Calm and Realxed
Don’t panic , feel relaxed and stay away from unnecessary thoughts.

√ Deep breathe
Take a deep breathe and closed your eyes , hold your breathe for 2 seconds and slowly breathe out.

Does Lemon helps you in your high blood pressure?

Yes, lemons can help you to reduce your high blood pressure, Make a lemon drink and it contains minelars, that help you in hyoertension and can lower your blood. According to the study lemon can bring your blood pressure at normal range quickly.

Causes of High Blood Pressure.

High Blood Pressure is the cause of Un healthy lifestyle, and it happen due to less physical activity. When you don’t care about your diet and eat unhealthy and junk food it can cause for high blood pressure. So, stay active , stay smart and keep an eye on your diet to stay away from hypertension , and don’t forget to use less and less saltin your meals.

Which Health problems can cause of High Blood Pressure?

High Blood Pressure is affected your health in many ways, that’s why I say’s manage your blood pressure to stay away from different serious health problems.

Heart Attack
High blood pressure amd hyoertension can damage your heart and it cause Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure is Decreasing the flow of a blood to the heart and leads to heart attack, chest pain called angina , and heart failure.

Kidney Disease
40+ of ages with high blood pressure have a higher risk of developing kidney Disease.

Brain Problems
High blood pressure in vessels can blocked your brain die to poor supply of oxygen and blood to the brain.

Which food is best for high blood pressure?

Here is the list of foods that is best for high blood pressure:

√ Bananas
It contains potassium, and potassium is best way to control your highblood pressure.

√ Dark Chocolate
We talk about this in our first part of Article.

√ Nuts
They are rich in two minerals, potassium and magnesium, these two minerals help you to loweryour blood pressure.

√ Yogurt
Dairy contains calcium , potassium and magnesium and these are so helpfull in high blood pressure.

√ Blueberries
Blue berry contains resveratrol that help blood vessels to get relaxed.

√ Whole Grains
These are the sourse of megnisium and whole grain reduce 60% chances of high blood pressure .

Which food is best to avoid and bad for high blood pressure?

√ Salt or Sodium

√ Frozen Pizza

√ Pickles

√ Red Meat

√ Alcohol

√ Fats

√ Sugar drinks

√ Breads and rolls

Chart Table for Blood Pressure:

Age : 0 to 6 months
Minimum: 50/75
Maximum: 75/110

Age: 6 months to 2 years
Minimum: 55/80
Maximum: 79/110

Age: 2 to 13 years
Minimum: 60/90
Maximum: 80/115

Age: 14 to 18 years
Minimum: 73/105
Maximum: 81/120

Age: 19 to 40 years
Minimum: 77/110
Maximum: 85/134

Age: 41 to 60 years
Minimum: 80/ 115
Maximum: 90/ 144

Age: 61 and older
Minimum: 83/121
Maximum: 91 /150

Can i take Egg in high blood pressure?


Hausvater said that , Eating eggs is doesn’t impact your blood pressure.
You can eat eggs ,if you are a high blood pressure patient , because eggs have potassium and calcium that can lower blood pressure.

When Should i consult a doctor for high blood pressure?

If you are a high blood pressure patient and you saw your blood pressure level at 80/ 120 or much higher then this you should go to the doctor for consultation.

Your lifestyle changes can manage your blood pressure, and your healthy diet vegetables, oats , nuts and exercise help you in hyoertension, and salt , smoking , Alcohol and processed food may worse your situation as a high blood pressure patient.
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