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Mental Health illness || Causes and Treatments ||

Mental Health illness || Causes and Treatments ||

Mental Health illnesses Its Causes and Treatment

In this Article We talked about Mental Health Illness
What is meaning of Mental Health?
What are 4 types of Mental Health?
How to improve your Mental Health easily with 10 easy steps?
What are the causes of bad Mental Health?
Mental Health Problems Run With Genitics?
8 Main Mental Disorders
Mental Health Treatment
How to develop your Mental Health ?
Five (5) Alarming Sign of Mental illness.
Can Yoga helps you in your Mental Health problems?
Which Yoga Exercise is best for Mental illness ?

What is Mental Health?
Mental Health is All about How’s your brain working? Are you able to feel good or Act Well. How we feel , act and treat others. How you handle the stress , being Social and Make healthy decisions is the Name of Mental Health.

What are 4 types of Mental Health Disorders?

  • Mood Disorder including Depression.
  • Personality Disorder
    . • Anxiety Disorde
  • r
    . • Psychotic Disorder 3. How to improve your Mental Health? 10 tips for Refreshing Your Mental Health: √ Don't Skip your Sleep √ Stay Active √ Make Social Connection ( face to face for good Results ) √ Do Relaxation Practice √ Eat Healthy diet for Strong Mental Health. √ Talk to someone Don’t Skip Your Sleep
    Sleep time recharge and refresh our Body and Mind. Its a way to take a break from Screentime , our non stop work and many unstoppable thoughts. It is necessary to take a nap that can relax your mind and you wakeup with Extra Energy.
    Stay Active
    Staying Active and Doing Exercise is the best way to keep your Mental Health Good. Exercise can Improve Brain Health , Reduce Stress. Make Social Connections
    Isolate YourSelf is Pour your Mental Health is in Problems , Make Phone Calls and Chats too , but You Must have to Face to Face Connection with Someone You talk to him and Self interact for Good Relation that Can Boost Your Low Energy Level. Do Relaxation Practice
    Yoga, Self Medidation and Deep Breathing in Silence Can Help you in Your Depression and Stress Time. Eat Healthy For Stronger Mental Health
    Do you know Your Diet Plan Can Change Your Mood Quickly , Dark Chocolate Everyone’s Favorite has a Potential to Improve Your Mental Health. Add Blue Barries , Almond Nuts , Green Leafy Vegitables and Fruits in Your Diet and Saw a Difference. Talk to SomeOne
    If You Have a Best Friend then Congratulations You Can Improve Your Mental Health free of Cost. Talk to Him , Share your Worries and Beleive me He has a potential to Calm your nerves. If you don’t have a friend Don’t Worry Talk to someone who care about you. When you Share your problems your stress level is decreasing.
    1. What is the Causes of Mental Health Problems ?
      Mental Health Problems usually have many different causes in Every different person. For Example every person effect diffrently with these :
      • Social Isolation Or Lonliness
      • Trauma , Neglict
      • Childhood Abuse
      • Experiencing Racism
      • Miss Use of Drugs and Alcohol
      • Domestic Voilence, Bullying as an
      • Physical Causes Head Injury
      • Loosing Someone Who Close With
      • Having a Long term Stress
    2. Do Mental Health Problems Run in Genitics ?
      Studies says that in some cases Mental Health Problems Run in Families. If you have a parent with Deeply Affected by depression You are more likely to have depression , but it is not sure that this is because of genes or because of another factor. It could be possible that you live in depressing environment and at the end you’ve got depressed , So Healthy environments and surroundings means a lot.
    3. What are the 8 Main Mental Disorders?
      In a survey from 2019 , 1 in a 8 person living with a Mental Disorder , Anxiety and depression. In 2020 the effected number of people is increasing due to pandemic. Most people of having Mental Disorders do not have access to effictive Care in the whole world.
      • Anxiety Disorder
      According to the studies 301 million peoples were living with anxiety order in 2019 , including 58 million childrens. Anxiety Disorder is a fear of something , a worry that can disturb badly our behavour. There are many kinds of Anxiety Disorders: generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, Social anxiety disorder , etc.
      • Depression
      According to the survey of 2019 , 280 million peoples were living with depression including 23 millions childrens and 28 millions in 2023 according to the new study. During depression a person feels sad , irratated and less intrested. Many other symptoms are also here , hopelessness, feeling guilty , sucidical thoughts, and low energy. Depression can be cure is a Good news for you.
      • Biopolar Disorder
      Survey says that 40 million people in the world wess experienced biopilar disorder in thier life. Peoples with biopolar disorder experience with episodic depression with mini symptoms. Symptoms include irritation , increase energy level immediately, increase you talking to extra level , a wish of racing with fastest things , not interesting in sleeping or don’t want to go for sleep.
      • ( PTSD ) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
      PTSD is often developed after threatening or Horrible Experience. Its symptoms shown as Memory flash backs , night mares beacuse of that traumatic event that hits the brain after evey period.
      • Shcizophrenia
      Mostly 24 million peoples affect with schizophrenia and its affected peoples have a life expectancy below to 10 to 20 years from normal peoples. Its causes in still unclear , but most likey to involve gentics. Shcizophrenia symptoms are : Hallucinations ( Hearing , Seeing and feeling things that others don’t ), Delusions ( Strongly false beliefs ), Social Disconnection ( difficulty with connecting someone ).
      • Eating Disorder
      Approximately 14 Millions peoples living with Eating Disorder including 3 million childrens. Eating disorder is abnormal eating habits such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa . The symptoms are going to be risky and damage for health , distress or significant impairment of functioning.
      • Disruptive Behavior and Dissocial Disorder
      This disorder also named as Confuct Disorder , According to research 40 million peoples including Childrens Experience with Disruptive , Dissocial disorder. These are persistent behavioral problems or disobedient behavior that violate basic rights of all kind of ages.
      • Neurodevelopmental Disorder
      Neurodevelopmental disorder are disorder of intellectual development, autism disorder and ADHD ( Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder ). It has a negative impact of academic performance and Social functioning.
    4. Mental Health Treatment
      There are many treatments for Mental Health recovery :
      • Psychotherapy
      Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental illness provided by trained mental health professional.
      • Medication
      Medication does not cure Mental illness but it help with the symptoms and help to cure with recovery.
      • Hospitalization
      In some cases hospitalization is necessary to deal with Mental health problems and can be closely monitoring.
  1. How to Develop your Mental Health ?
    • Mindfullness
    • Wotk with a Professional
    • keep a journal
    • Practice Self Compassion
    • Get out of your Comfort Zone
    • Develop Daily Routine
    • keep your connections Strong
    1. What are the 5 Alarming Signs of Mental illness ?
      • Lack of Emotions
      • Physical Pain
      • Constant Fatigue
      • Avoidance
      • Perfectionism
  2. Can Yoga Helps you in Your Mental Health?
    Yes, Yoga practice create Mental Calmness , increase body awareness and relieve stress and help to relax your mind.
  3. Which Yoga Exersice is best for Mental illness ?
    • Child Pose
    • Sharper brain
    • Buddhi
    • Ahankara
    • Manas

If you are facing a mental illness please follow these steps, and take treatment from professionals. Don’t ignore or don’t be afraid because it can be cured. Make sure that everyone in your surrounding is fine and if you know that some body face Mental illness please be kind with him and help them to find a cure.

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